Tips to Make Your Arms Look Slimmer in Sleeveless Dresses

Are you feeling self-conscious about exposing your arms, unless you are running or you are at the gym?

Whether it's a simple solid fitted dress, animal print one, or a bold sugar skull bodycon, many women love the ultra feminine look of a strapless dress. Unfortunately, many feel uncomfortable in it because of the fact that it exposes their bare arms. Regardless of your body shape, sleeveless dresses require a perfect fit that isn’t too big, because armholes can usually reveal undergarments; and isn’t too tight to make you feel uncomfortable while you are wearing it.

While sleeveless dresses aren't always the best choice for women with heavier arms or loose skin, there are some tips that we recommend you to use in order to detract attention from your upper arms and shoulders – helping you to feel more confident.

Scroll down if you are curious to find out the styling tricks for you to flaunt those arms the right way and rock the sleeveless dress trend this summer!


The Fit

Go for a sleeveless dress with appropriate support and a flattering fit. The best way to keep the focus away from your arms is to start with a perfect bodycon. The right fitted dress will draw the attention to your attributes as waistline, your bosom and your face, rather than your flaws. Go for a dress that has more armpit coverage to ensure that there is no over exposure of this area.

Say NO to Tight Armholes

Stay away from arm holes that are tight, side bulges and spills are the last thing you need when wearing a sexy sleeveless bodycon. Choose something that has comfortable armholes and gives you enough breathing space that doesn’t restrict your movement.

Right fitting bra

A wrong size of a bra has the potential to not only cause damage to your overall look, but side bulges and fat spills under your arms as well. Not to mention that ill fitting bra will also make you feel uncomfortable all the time.

Your Hairstyle

Wearing your hair in a style that cascades over your shoulders is the best thing you can do for your “sleeveless bodycon” look. This way you will cover your arms, therefore conceal parts of your shoulders and distract attention from heavier upper arms.


Skip heavy bands and chunky handcuffs on your wrists that have thicker straps cause they can give your arms broader look by cutting down their length. Instead opt for thin accessories on your wrist, like stringy bracelets as they will make your arms look sleeker and slender by creating a gap between them and your skin.

Last Minute Workout

We know, we know, you hate working-out, and you always find an excuse not to go to the gym, but we have another trick that can definitely help. Do a few push ups right before you step out. This will increase the blood flow to your muscles, and will give them toned and refined look!

Last but Not Least

Sleeveless garments can indeed elongate your arms making them look slimmer and you can achieve perfect style by exfoliating or dry brushing your arms in the shower. Start doing this on daily basis and you will instantly see an improvement to the texture of your upper arms. You can even put some bronzer down the middle of your arms, as this will make them look slimmer.




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