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Tips on Choosing and Wearing Sneakers

by Gearbunch Blog Team September 05, 2017

Tips on Choosing and Wearing Sneakers

Sneakers have made a comeback in recent years, becoming increasingly trendy again with celebrities and style icons across the world.

An iconic style of basketball shoe in the 1980’s, High Tops became popular on the streets and with popular brands such as Converse, Nike and Adidas, these shoes are once again dominating the market with their unique style, colors, and branding.

How do you decide on which Sneakers to go for? How do you decide what to wear them with? We’ve collected some tips to help you out!

  • What style do you want?

    Decide on which style of Sneaker you would like by considering their thickness, color, shape, size and design.

  • What color do you want?

    Color is important as a reflection of your personality and can really help to define your identity whilst setting you out from the crowd.

    What colors are currently popular in the season? What are the base colors in most of your outfits? Perhaps consider what color most of your jewelry and accessories are so that you can coordinate your outfits with your new shoes.

  • What shall you wear with them? Skinny jeans are a great option when wearing Sneakers…

This is a great look and very contemporary - and it works for both men and women since skinny jeans are popular for both! Be smart in pairing your skinny jeans or other skinny pants or tights with sneakers. For example, if you're wearing black jeans, wear colored sneakers. If you're wearing colorful jeans, maybe go for a subtle shoe choice.

Pair shorts with sneakers for a summer look. This is especially a good option for men, who may not feel comfortable wearing shorts with sandals in the summertime. For women, pairing shorts with their sneakers is super modern and also, again, highlights their figures and great legs!

Can you think of anything we’ve missed? How do you choose/wear your sneakers?

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