Sexy Bodycon Dresses that Flatter Every Body Type

by Gearbunch Blog Team June 24, 2017

Sexy Bodycon Dresses that Flatter Every Body Type

Bodycon dresses are a wardrobe staple for most women who love to flaunt their curves. It’s been one of the most favoured trend by fashionistas, celebrities on red carpet events, fashion bloggers and influencers. In fact, it is slowly becoming a classic staple similar to the LBD.

However, the thought of getting a bodycon that’s in form-fitting, figure-hugging cut is enough to make you shudder with self-consciousness? Well, not anymore! We will prove you that wearing bodycon dresses is a bold statement of self-esteem and body confidence, just as its name suggests (it comes from a contraction of the phrase “body conscious”).

Although it is believed that you have to have the perfect figure to rock this hot trend, that is not particularly true. Choose the right undergarment to help smooth out your curves, and go for prints that will make your body appear to have an hourglass shape. Its form-fitting nature will cling to every curve and bump of your body, emphasizing your silhouette at its best.

Scroll down if you want to find some bodycon styling dos and don’ts when it comes to wearing it right and feeling fabulous!

Smooth it out

Get a little help when it comes to flattening your tummy, lifting your butt and concealing unwanted panty lines. The proper shaping underwear will make you look and feel fantastic.

Don’t Over-Accessorize

Let the dress be the staple of your outfit while keeping the accessories minimal. Confidence should be your best accessory! Being self-conscious and showing signs of insecurity like crossing your arms in front of you or tugging at your hemline constantly, is all going to kill your look. Hold your head high instead, flaunt what you got, and rock the look with confidence.

Pick your pairings wisely

What you wear with your bodycon dress is almost as important as the bodycon itself! For urban chic outfits, pair your fitted dresses with bomber and denim jackets, or boyfriend blazers. If you are wearing the bodycon during the day opt for flats, booties, or ballet shoes depending on the weather. For a night out you can easily dress it up with gorgeous jewelry and a pair of high heeled sandals that will show off your hot bod.

Take a Walk on the Dark Side

Choose black colour to help you conceal your problem areas. Darker hues effectively hide bumps, creases and folds in your body. Black, brown, dark gray, navy blue, and even deep purples and maroons are all great colour choices when it comes to bodycon dresses. 

Details, please!

Picking a dress that has busy prints, bold colors and/or contrasting patterns can help draw the eye away from areas you may find problematic.

Add a layer on top

Throw a thin cardigan during the warmer spring/summer season, or opt for an open kimono-inspired coverup over your fitted dress. A long-line trench coat or a well-cut blazer during the cooler days will not only make you appear slimmer, but also will do a pretty good job of dressing up a simple bodycon dress if you want to achieve more polished, smart casual look.




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