How to Look Good in a One-Piece Swimsuit

by Gearbunch Blog Team June 25, 2018

How to Look Good in a One-Piece Swimsuit

While the bikini will never not be trending, one pieces are probably something that millennials would associate with dated photo albums from family trips to the beach.
Luckily for those who have been munching on tasty treats in the beach bar, or just trying to switch up their beach style, the one-piece is something we can pull inspiration from our moms who killed the sartorial beach scene back then.

The headline trend for the summer is the one-piece swimsuit that you can wear from the pool to the party. Wear simple one-piece as an alternative to the timeless white tee, and when colorful styles and funky prints come into play, go for polished ensembles to add a sweet summer finesse.

Want to master the process of wearing the best swimsuit trends? Here's some advice on how to look good in a one-piece swimsuit this summer 2018.

1. Treat It Like an Investment

Never feel guilty for spending a little extra on good quality swimwear because typically that means your swimsuit won’t lose shape or bag out in unwanted areas. Once you choose your ideal one piece you are more than likely to have it for a long time so you’re happy with it for years!

2. Choosing Details Strategically

Let’s say you have pear shaped silhouette. Getting yourself a one-piece that has accent points, such as ruffles and detailing around your chest is the right way to make your bust seems bigger.

Nobody wants a swimsuit that has an extra detailing and structure around certain body regions in a way that it creates the illusion that you are fuller than you really are for instance in the waist or tummy area. Opt for something that minimizes detailing in problem areas and focuses on areas that you want in the spotlight.

3. Try on Trends

Believe it or not, one-pieces are cooler than ever before and most fashion influencers and celebrities are now embracing the one-piece over the bikini.

While traditional one-pieces in black or white color are certainly still cool, other variations like super cute printed one-piece swimsuits and animal skin have been popping up giving them a cool, luxe feel. You could just as easily wear them to the beach as you could to a bar when paired with cutoffs.

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4. Go for Dark and Patterned Suits

You must have already heard that dark colored one piece is the most flattering swimwear out there, but consider patterned swimsuits as well. They will help conceal the lumps and bumps while solid colored ones will show more of those little love handles.


5. Accessorize Your One-Piece

Your beloved one-piece will never fall off when you dive into a wave, and comfort is always our number one priority. Feeling safe and secure in your swimsuit staple is cool, but if you are one of those who want to spice the things up, adding some extra accessories can make you feel quite fabulous.

Especially if you are planning a day at the beach with minimal water exposure, then choosing jewelry that is made of stone, plastic, and wood can make your beach attire more colorful and fun.
Avoid metal jewelry though because sea salt and humidity will react with the metal and leave you with green stains all over the body and your bathing suit.



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